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My name is Tom Peers. I am originally from Liverpool England but now live in Barcelona. I have more than 10 years gym experience and have had the pleasure to train dozens of people, from hardcore fitness fanatics to people who just want to lose a few pounds or gain some muscle.

I am a fully qualified and insured personal trainer with years of exerience with helping people to get in to shape and achieve their fitness goals. I am very passionate about helping people to become healthier and happier through guidance about correct nutrition and exercise.

It was whilst undertaking a degree in graphic design at the University of Gloucester that I realized my true passion lay in physical fitness. As such once I had finished my degree course, I enrolled to become a personal instructor and obtained a Level 3 qualification which accredits me as a personal trainer and allows me to fulfill my passion to train, motivate and guide people to make healthier lifestyle choices. I have loved doing just that ever since.

As well as being a full time personal trainer I also participate in competing as a fitness model, which has not only given me experience in competitive fitness but also has opened doors to modeling and photographic productions with many photographers from England. As such, I of course like to keep myself in good shape, I consider it imperative to my work to demonstrate what I ask my clients to do really works and, with motivation and dedication, what they can achieve.

Working one to one with clients means forming good relationships with them were they trust you and can believe in your methods. I thoroughly believe exercise and diet should not be a chore but should be enjoyable and feel worthwhile. From the day I started as a personal trainer I aimed to create a personal training style were high quality results are gained through hard work and dedication but also through enjoyment. I guide clients to set themselves achievable goals in realistic time frames. Often the main reason people fail to keep up a fitness regime is that they expect to see unbelievable results within a short space of time and are disheartened and demotivated when this fails to happen. I encourage my clients to strive to achieve short term goals and inspire them to show determination and dedication to focus their efforts into achievable yet challenging targets. In this way clients’ longer term goals are achieved unnoticed and clients are thrilled and amazed to be reminded of how far them have come since they started.

Generic exercise regimes and “one size fits all” programmes are not what I am about. I differentiate my classes to meet the different needs of all my clients regardless of previous experience. Whether your goal is to become stronger, lose weight, build muscle, increase your fitness or just simply to become healthier, I tailor my programmes to meet the needs of the individual. All my knowledge comes from personal experience and continuous research in to the field of training and nutrition which keeps me at the forefront of an ever developing industry. For me there is no better feeling than to witness people loving achieving their fitness goals. Whatever your goals are and no matter how far away from them you believe you are, I can inspire you to change the way you see yourself and challenge your perception of what you’re capable of. I will be there to support, motivate and guide you through every stage of the process. Regardless of your ultimate goal, if you’re dedicated and determined, I can help you to enjoy achieving it.


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